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What's New

October 16,2002 - Deleted several bad links- update several with new URLs.Update C-68 page.

April 27,2002 - Added Luxton Ironhorse Motorcycle Rodeo to current Events Page.

January 17,2002 - Added Link to Vancouver MCS and updated Langley Roadriders link.

November 26,2001 - Updated Canadian Motorcycle Dealers page. Added Dealer phone numbers.

November 13,2001 - Fixed link to Team Grizzly, weather button links,'broken' web cam links and added Vancouver Motorcycle Riding site.

June 6,2001 - VROOM Motorcycle "Club" link added.

May 7,2001 - Vancouver Island Motorcycle Directory added.

March 23,2001 - Added a Mapping feature, allowing visitors to get a map of a specific address.

March 18,2001 - Added Ride Finder,updated upcoming events. Had to remove ridefinder and am working on another solution!

March 16,2001 - Added AMR link, made a few changes.

February 28,2001 - Added several new Motorcycle Links, also C-68 Poll!

January 28,2001 - Added Anti-C68 web page.

January 18,2001 - Added Links to the Upper Canada Cruisers, Virago Owners Club (NA), and also The Motorcycle show this weekend!

October 31,2000 - Fixed a couple of dead links, and updated webcam links. Also bought myself a PS2! Will have to buy MotoGP and see what it is like! Here is a link to my PS2 stuff:

Jinksd PS2

August 14,2000 - Added links to CWMC, InjuredBikers,Maritime MC Touring page and BC Sportbike Roads.

April 8,2000 - Added pics from the Vancouver Auto Show.

March 31,2000 - Added links to NRCRacing and Heavy Duty Cycles. Also updated the Events page to include current/past events.

March 26,2000 - Added link to VSR.

March 20,2000 - New Link to News.

February 25,2000 - New Links to the Roadrunners and the Victoria MCC, BC Ferries, Nathan's BC Yukon trip, and Travel BC.

February 15,2000 - Added Hobbies,Fish Page and link to Fast Eddie's V-Star page.

February 13,2000 - Added page with pics of my intruder.

February 9,2000 - Added two webcams: John Hart(PG) and SFUcam.

February 7,2000 - Added Links to BC BIKE, Vancouver, and Halton Sport Bike Club.

February 2,2000 - Added Links to Calgary MCC, Calgary Safety Council, Kelowna SC and Canadian Driver.

January 29,2000- Links to Langley Roadriders and Mission Raceway added. Three new web cams: Sea to Sky/Coquihalla/ and White Rock Beach.

January 24,2000- Vancouver Motorcycle Show pics have been added!

January 24,2000- Added Link to LasVegas Extremes- Vancouver Motorcycle Show pics to be added tonight!

January 18,2000- Added Link for the Vancouver Motorcycle Show to mainpage. Will be posting pictures from the show on this site!

December 20,1999- Gained access to the Canadian Web Ring.

December 18,1999- added web ring link. Waiting for approval.Three new sites: Revelstoke Tours and Arctic Tours and Bent Bikes.

December 09,1999- added two new sites: Sense BC and GasolineWars

December 06,1999- changed the look of the menu to add more expansion capabilities. Also added What's New Page, Past Events page , link to Royal Enfield Importer,and link to BC CMA.