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This summer we rode our bikes down to Glacier National Park in Montana. With the weather having been bad in the area for several days this was the first hot day for a while and I think it brought everyone and their dog to the park! The goats at the top of the page were quite comfortable with all the people being there though! We watched them for a few minutes and they just sat there staring at us.

As you can see the waterfalls at Glacier Park are Spectacular! Even this time of year, there was plenty of runoff, due to the fact that there is snow on the peaks all year round. However, due to global warming, the Glacier in the park is decreasing in size and in just a few years will have to be called an Ice Field, as it will no longer be able to move from the loss of weight!

The views are amazing as you can see from this valley shot. We decided to take an old 1932 Jammer bus on the "going to the sun road" so that we could fully enjoy the scenery. With all the crazies parking and stopping all over the place I am really glad we did! Below is the jammer we went in.

The view from the top was incredible, but it is a little unnerving looking over the edge from the bus window and not seeing any road!

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