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These are the angels in our main fishtank in the Living room. I am not sure who came up with the name Angels but they obviously didn't name them for their behavior! There is a clear pecking order with these guys and it is constantly enforced.

Here is a picture of my Convict Cichlid (Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum) just a few days after I got him.

Here is a picture a couple of months later! The plan was to mate the two I bought, but I ended up with two females and they tried to kill each other and had to be separated!

With the Angels & Gourami are three Corydoras aeneus. They are very small short-sighted catfish that are extremely active and very entertaining.

Here are three of our angels with the blue threespotted gourami (trichogaster trichopterus). You count the eye as the third spot!

We currently have four tanks. Two 10 gallon tanks, each containing one Convict, one 5.5 gallon tank with three zebra danios ,one albino zebra danio and a snail. The Main tank is a 27 gallon tank with a homemade light box and houses the four angels, the gourami and the three corys. The above pictures were taken with one of the first generation low-res digital cameras (a Kodak DC25) and it does not have macro capabilities.


  Some of the best aquariums that I have seen have been designed by Takashi Amano. He creates what he calls Nature aquariums. Take a look at the picture below and click to go to his ADA website.