Vancouver International Auto and Light Truck Show Picts
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How's this for a custom paint job on a PT Cruiser?

Below is the dash in a "cranberry" coloured cruiser. What an awesome design, too bad it doesn't come with a V8.

  Chrome vent controls, new steering wheel, leather seats anyone?

To the right is one of those 'city' cars, pretty neat little car as long as you only take one passenger!


Honda S2000 - What other car starts at the push of a little red button? By the way, that's my nephew in the drivers seat.



Below is the new fuel efficient Honda Insight.

Saab Viggen, named after a fighter jet.

Above, and to the left : Acura Type R - What a neat car, too bad about the colour though!

  Suzuki's new upscale version of the Vitara - concept vehicle.

Dodge Viper - if you didn't know that, what are you doing looking at these pics?!



Below left is the new Mazda SUV. Directly below is a Jaguar North Vancouver police car.

Above is the Ford Escape, the two previous pics above are of Pontiac's Aztek.


To the right is a BMW Z8