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Repeal Bill C-68!

Get organized and help remove a law that would make thousands of law abiding citizens, criminals. All that was ever needed was enforcement of the previous laws. Bill C-68 will not help stop criminals from obtaining guns, it will (and has) cost us all dearly in the pocketbook. Further sites/info to follow.


By Garry Breitkreuz, MP April 24, 2002

TOTAL SPENT AS OF NOVEMBER 21, 2001 = $ 689,760,000

ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES FOR 2002-03 = $ 113,500,000

ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES FOR 2003-04 = $ 95,000,000

ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES FOR 2004-05 = $ 80,000,000


GRAND TOTAL = $ 978,260,000

Chapters/Indigo Rant

Like to shop at Indigo and Chapters? You might want to think twice! They are no longer carrying GUN magazines citing poor sales. So why didn't they cut back on the number of issues and still offer a choice? Now all I see are basketball magazines where Guns and Ammo used to be. I am sure that they must sell a LOT of basketball magazines, in Canada. Especially in the winter, right? Remember large company mergers are a good thing, they offer the consumer more choices...... Just not in Canada. I will no longer purchase any books from Chapters/Indigo and anyone that knows me, knows that I buy A LOT of magazines. Just ask my wife!

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RFOCBC Responsible Firearms Owners Coalition of BC.

FEDUP Fed Up Canada!

LUFA Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association or Canadians for Real Democracy. (Note: Site has been frozen by Justice Foster of the Alberta District Court pending the outcome of matters before the Courts.)

Tom Zinck's Homepage Links to several excellent sites.

BCTSA BC Target Sports Association.

DCRA Dominion of Canada Rifle Association.

IPSC-Canada International Practical Shooting Confederation of Canada.

Local Gun CLubs:

KTSA Kamloops Target & Sports Association.

AF&G Abbotsford Fish and Game Club.

MRG Mission Rod and Gun Club.

CF&GPA Chilliwack Fish & Game Protective Association.


CFC Canadian Firearms Centre, the Government site. For more info the centre can be reached at 1-800-731-4000.

Rimfire Central Own a Ruger 10/22- this is THE place to go for info.

SASS Single Action Shooting Society- excellent cowboy action shooting site.

Here are some comments by people who have filled out the poll:

There should be no gun registration of any kind on any gun! Register criminals, not guns! An armed citizen is a safe citizen!

taking guns away from honest citizens, is not going to stop criminals from murdering people, it is simply punishing those who have not done anything wrong name: Greg S. Age: 16

This has got to be the stupidest bill in history.It is not the governments business to know what is behind law abiding citizens doors.

In spite of the new gun law, I heard that the amount of weapons brought illegally into Canada is increasing and the black market on guns an ammunition is on the increase.

This bill has been palmed off as a crime control measure, however it is blatantly obvious that it is a "citizen control" program. One sad characteristic of liberal governments everywhere is that they feel threatened by a free citizenry.

I used to think that registering hand guns was not to bad of an idea. However I have my changed my mind . We Canadians must stop thinking like stupid Colonials. Having not done anything criminal I should not be treated one.The beaureaucrats in Ottawa treat us worse than dog shit.

I think that everything thats been said by responsible gun owners should bypass government ears and be redirected to the gun lobby,seeing that they are the real problem.Wendy Cukier is the chair person,and I understand she posesses a doctorate of law,and she is a femenist,which probably explains how the laws got to be so brutal.